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6 of the Biggest Paid Search Myths  – Nett Solutions PPC Blog

Paid search plays a key role in digital marketing campaigns worldwide, but it can be difficult for newcomers to grasp. And, sadly, there’s a lot of misinformation online that can exacerbate confusion and cause business owners to make the wrong decisions.

In this post, our Orange County digital marketing team will explore six of the biggest myths about paid search to help you get off to the right start.

PPC campaigns will look after themselves

Companies can use Google Ads to increase brand awareness by as much as 80% — but it demands more work than you might expect.

Sadly, you can’t set up a paid search campaign and leave it untouched for weeks. You need to monitor its progress, check results, and make tweaks to ensure you achieve valuable ROI. Otherwise, you could waste a lot of money on an overlooked campaign that sorely needs work.

Cram ALL the keywords into your campaign

Keywords can be tough to get right, especially when launching your first batch of paid search campaigns.

It’s tempting to pack ads with keywords to increase visibility and appeal to as many searchers as possible. But you could end up paying for clicks that go nowhere because your keywords lack relevance.

Small businesses can’t afford paid search campaigns

Businesses on a tight budget may believe paid search is beyond their financial capabilities. And while some global companies may invest vast amounts into their campaigns, tiny operations can take advantage of paid search too.

Google Ads (and other advertising platforms) empower you with considerable flexibility when setting up campaigns. That means you can control your spending carefully and ensure you stay within your minimum budget.

You’ll achieve big results in little time

Overnight success with PPC would be nice — but it’s not realistic. Even the best campaigns built by seasoned digital marketing specialists need time to gain momentum and generate results.

Stay on top of your ads’ performance and make any changes necessary to achieve better results over time.

Every business should try to reach the top of the SERPs

Every business wants to maximize visibility and be in the top spot on Google. But if you make that your benchmark for success, you’ll place unnecessary pressure on yourself.

Companies with incredible amounts of cash to throw at their campaigns are likely to outbid smaller businesses for the highest placements. So, aim to climb the SERPs at a steady pace, and analyze your campaign activities carefully to identify opportunities for improvement.

You can handle your paid search by yourself

It’s always best for a business to work with a digital marketing agency when starting its paid search journey.

The right team will help you understand what your goals should be, how to reach your target audience, and everything else you need to know for the best results.

And Nett Solutions is here to build bespoke paid search campaigns that, quite simply, work.

Sounds good, right?

Get in touch with our Orange County digital marketing team now to get started and to receive your FREE marketing analysis!

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