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7 Simple Tips for PPC on a Small Budget – Nett Solutions PPC Blog

Well-planned PPC campaigns can bring your business to a bigger audience, generate leads, boost conversions, and bring visitors back to your site after they leave without taking action.

But when you want to build bigger, better campaigns that help you achieve these amazing results, a tight budget can feel restrictive. Sounds familiar?

Try these 7 simple tips to make a smaller budget go further.

Focus on the Most Important Target Locations

Reduce the risk of spending money on wasted clicks by adjusting your Google Ads’ geolocation settings. Only allow ads to show within a reasonable range of your business or in locations you ship to. And use negative locations to exclude certain areas from your campaigns.

Get More Bang for Your Buck with Ad Extensions

Extensions offer a fantastic way to expand your ads with details that can’t fit into the main copy. You can add:

  • Sitelinks
  • Customer reviews
  • Photographs
  • Phone number
  • Address

These and other ad extensions can help your ads stand out from more basic ads.

Invest in Exhaustive Keyword Research to Maximize Relevance

Keyword research is crucial to find the right ones for your campaign. But make sure you dedicate plenty of time and energy to it if you’re handling your ads internally. One of the benefits of working with a digital marketing agency is that they’ll handle it all for you.

Take advantage of keyword research tools and check out your competitors’ campaigns for inspiration. And don’t be afraid to add negative keywords so you’re not wasting money on clicks that go nowhere.

Try Manual Bidding for Complete Control Over Costs

You may be tempted to use automatic bidding for your PPC campaigns if you want to save time. But manual bidding may be best if you’re on a tight budget, as you’ll have total control over all costs.

It takes a little longer and demands more commitment, but you’ll also learn more about how PPC works with a manual approach.

Try Call-Only Campaigns if You Run a Brick-and-Mortar Business

If your business revolves around a brick-and-mortar location, such as a restaurant or a store, you may benefit from a Call-Only PPC campaign.

This enables customers to contact you directly from an ad, so you can make a positive first impression without the need for a landing page. And research shows that 60% of customers prefer to contact small, local businesses via phone too!

Remove Poorly Performing Keywords

Track keyword performance on a regular basis and pause poorly performing keywords to save money. Search terms that achieve good results today may not next week, so assess keywords frequently to identify weak links.

Let PPC Professionals Create a Tailored Campaign

Every cent counts whether you’re on a big, small, or medium budget. And one of the simplest, best ways to get the best value for money is to put your PPC into the hands of a professional team.

Our Orange County digital marketing agency will create the ideal campaign for your business and budget. Get started with a FREE marketing analysis from our Google AdWords Certified Specialists today!

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