Monday, August 15, 2022
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ActiveCampaign Launches No-Code Data Model Solution » emailexpert

ActiveCampaign announced that customers will now be able to build their own custom objects directly within the app, no coding required. This new functionality lets users extend contacts, accounts and deals with their own data without needing to go through the API or pull in developer expertise. Custom objects help businesses build powerful workflows that create dynamic, automated experiences based on any set of the unique data they use to run their business. Now, customers can more easily model data to their unique business needs and take action on it through automations, email personalization, lead generation forms, reporting and more.

“ActiveCampaign’s custom objects open up so many different use cases for our customers and us,” said Eric Melchor, partnership ambassador at Bonjoro. “For instance, being able to segment contacts based on their engagement with Bonjoro videos and triggering automations in ActiveCampaign using that data is powerful. The fact that we will now be able to build our own custom objects directly in the app without any coding required is a game-changer.”

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