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Brand Strategy Agency & Performance Marketing

One of the ongoing, inherent flaws in the broader marketing landscape is the clear delineation between brand strategy agencies and performance marketing agencies. This is not to say that you can’t have success by hiring both of them independently. For example, you can go through a rebranding initiative with one agency, while simultaneously executing a social media campaign with another. Not only is this very possible, one could argue that it’s the norm. That said, it screams inefficiency.

Brand Strategy Agencies vs Performance Agencies

Think about it in the simplest context: branding agencies dive deep into a product’s soul, learning every inch of the brand, and defining the essence of its existence. After countless hours of honing in on the most minute details, a brand strategist comes to know a brand intimately (yes, I’m going there), and can tell its story to someone at a cocktail party with unparalleled depth and precision. 

On the flip side, performance agencies speak an entirely different language. They tell a completely different story. They are immersed in the world of UTM parameters, pixels, tracking and cookies. Spending late hours in the depths of Google Sheets and analytics platforms, these folks make sure that campaigns are optimized and tracked correctly. They often face a tremendous amount of pressure, as the fate of a brand may lie in their hands. 

Mike Kresch

Mike Kresch

Mike Kresch is Moburst’s VP Strategy, and author of the 2015 book Winning the MVB (Most Valuable Brand).

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