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Google’s New Eco-Friendly Search Filters and Google Maps Features – Nett Solutions PPC Blog

Almost 80% of Americans are concerned about how their shopping habits affect the environment, according to GreenPrint’s Business of Sustainability Index. But the majority of shoppers (74%) struggle to identify these green options.

Fortunately, Google has introduced new eco-friendly search filters designed to help users make more ethical choices.

Join our Orange County digital marketing specialists as we take a closer look at this exciting update.

Reduce carbon footprints when catching flights

Google Flights will now provide transparency on the environmental impact of air travel, with a carbon emissions estimate for almost every flight.

For example, Google Flights shows that carbon emissions for a non-stop PHX — MCO flight are 21% lower than average for this route (as the others take longer and include a stop):

Customers now have fast, convenient access to the information they need to make more eco-friendly decisions. And that’s sure to be welcome news to the 83% of global travelers that believe sustainable travel is “vital”, according to research.

Similarly, Google will present details on hotels’ sustainability practices when searching for accommodation. This includes water conservation efforts, initiatives to reduce waste, and certifications (e.g. EarthCheck and Green Key).

Find environmentally friendly routes with Google Maps

Google Maps has made planning a journey by car or public transportation easier for years, but it now helps you find the most fuel-efficient path too.

According to Google’s “3 new ways to navigate more sustainably with Maps” blog post, this is due to “AI and insights from the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)”. The company estimates that its eco-friendly routing could prevent “more than one million tons of carbon emissions” annually — the same as taking over 200,000 cars off the road.

Google Maps on Android and iOS now presents the fastest route and the most fuel-efficient one (unless they’re the same). You can view the fuel saved and the duration difference between two routes to help you make the right decision.

Google Maps: Cyclist-friendly edition

In the same blog post, Google also announced that it will soon introduce a Google Maps feature for cyclists known as “lite navigation.”

This will show key information about a chosen cycling route without requiring you to keep your screen on or use “turn-by-turn navigation.” You’ll be able to track your progress, view real-time ETA updates, and even check elevations.

Details for bike and scooter share options

Last but not least, Google has also introduced details on eco-friendly bike and scooter share schemes across more than 300 cities (at the time of writing).

This update shows you local stations, the number of vehicles available, and parking information.

Staying up to date with Google’s search filters and features can help you keep your business visible on SERPs. But that can be difficult when trying to build successful campaigns AND run your company at the same time.

Our Orange County digital marketing experts will create tailored campaigns to help you reach your ideal customers and make a bigger impact. How can you get started?

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