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Issue 181: Measuring Topical Authority


Hi there 👋,

Last week Google updated their Googlebot help document to state that they will only crawl the first 15mb of html.

As usual, there has been a bit of a frenzy in the SEO community. But…15mb is HUGE. It’s about 3 million words. Images, videos, css & javascript are fetched separately too. So…nothing to worry about!

My Post of the Week is a simple way to measure topical authority from Kevin Indig. I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of saying a website has topical authority for X without actually quantifying it. Kevin presents a simple way for measuring topical authority using Ahrefs (but you could use other tools), based on the following logic:

“The logic is that the more traffic a site gets from the keywords in a topic, the more authoritative it is for that topic.”

Great read 🔥

Until next week!

Andrew Charlton

Post of the Week

How to measure topical authority

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Read all about it: A new look for Google News

Google News has a fresh new look on desktop for its 20th anniversary. 🎉

Googlebot will crawl and index the first 15MB of content per page

Google has updated their Googlebot help document and have said they can only crawl the first 15mb of content per page. It’s more nuanced that that though, which I talk about in my intro!

Processes & Frameworks

Oh, My MUM. Or how to think SEO in the era of algorithms based on AI

How to think about SEO in the messy middle. An awesome article from Gianluca Fiorelli that’s full of gold! 🏆

The Power of Second-Order Pain Points

Have you ran out of ideas for writing about paint points that your product solves? Ryan Law thinks you should consider second-order pain points; problems that exist at the same time as the problems your product solves. It’s such a useful concept 💡

The SEO Skills Maturity Matrix

The SEO Skills Maturity Matrix is fantastic from Tom Critchlow. Useful to understand the skills you need to advance your SEO career in-house or agency-side.

Almost Half of GSC Clicks Go to Hidden Terms – A Study by Ahrefs

Interesting study from Patrick Stox and the Ahrefs team. Did you know that you’re missing A LOT of data in Google Search Console? 💡


AWR Search Anywhere

WOW. What a neat Chrome extension from Advanced Web Ranking. Search from any location and device! 🔥

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