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Issue 182: Information Gain


Hi there 👋,

Remember when Google announced they only crawl the first 15mb of a page? Well…they were inundated with questions, so they’ve written a post to clarify: Googlebot and the 15 MB thing. Everything is good…we can move on now.

My Post of the Week is from one my favourite writers: Ryan Law. His latest article, The Winner Doesn’t Take It All: ‘Information Gain’ and the New Future of SEO, talks about the concept of ‘information gain’; where Google rewards articles containing information other articles don’t.

The future of search is personalised – and advantageous for underdogs. Where articles users haven’t read, that provide new information, are surfaced. In this new world of search, you can compete with the search juggernauts by being different, not better.

A must read 🔥

Until next week!

P.s I’ve just released a questions function into Keyword in Sheets. Find out more here.

Andrew Charlton

Post of the Week

The Winner Doesn’t Take It All: ‘Information Gain’ and the New Future of SEO

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Zero Cumulative Layout Shift, Please Improve Cumulative Layout Shift

Great story from Oliver H.G. Mason on how he solved a challenging cumulative layout shift issue.

Bulk Loading Performance Tests With PageSpeed Insights API & Python

Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR shows you how you can run performance tests in bulk using the PageSpeed Insights API and Python 🔥

Processes & Frameworks

The last da Vinci

One of the best articles on strategy I’ve read in a while from Hannah Smith. 👏

“Think more strategically” they said. But how on earth do you do that?

Amazing Search Experiments and New SERP Features In Google Land (2022 Edition)

Some of the latest search experiments that Google is testing in the wild from Glenn Gabe. Lots of new stuff to get excited about! 🙌


Free SEO Checklist & Task Manager

An awesome thread by Shaun Anderson describing his free Google Sheets templates to help you manage your projects or learn about SEO, based on his vast 20 years experience!

How To Measure Content Marketing ROI [Free Calculator]

This is neat! A simple ROI calculator to measure content marketing from Ross Hudgens and the Siege Media team. 💡📈

Unlimited Google Search Console Keywords Through BigQuery – Data Studio Template

How you can get unlimited Google Search Console keywords for free in Google Sheets + reporting in Data Studio. Gold from Mike Ginley ⭐️

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