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Mobile Game Ideas for September 2021 – MobileAction Blog

Mobile games are in demand but are you ready to supply? Do you know what the latest gaming trends are or where you can find the best mobile game ideas? These are all difficult questions but let’s start by answering the obvious one. 

If you are looking for game ideas you have come to the right place. MobileAction’s App intelligence tools allow you to study the market as well as your competitors and come up with the best gaming ideas and marketing strategies possible. 

Let’s check out some of the hot games to find ideas for your next mobile game. 

100 Mystery Buttons 

Group 10 2
Mobile Game Ideas for September 2021 - MobileAction Blog 14

The initial release date of 100 Mystery Buttons is August 2021. In less than a month, this game hit number one in the US on the overall free games list. So what makes this app one of the top ios games?

Let’s begin by introducing the game. Imagine you are at a pool party and there is a giant box filled with buttons. You have to escape but only one button lets you go out. The others have some good and some bad surprises. Here is a youtube video where actual people are playing this game as a challenge. 

Well, this is one way of advertising your app. Many game marketers are applying this into their mobile user acquisition strategies. Since it is one of the fruitful ways of reaching out to users.

However, we all know that we should not put all of our eggs in one basket. Instead, we should split them rationally to minimize the risk and maximize the growth. So, how does 100 Mystery Buttons split its eggs? Let’s see. 

best mobile game ideas best mobile game ideas
Ad Networks of 100 Mystery Buttons

As our mobile Ad Intelligence tool shows, their creatives are mostly running on Facebook-related networks. 55% of their creatives are on Facebook, FB Native, Messenger, and Instagram. 155 out of 167 creatives are active and seem to be running merely in English.

Group 13 1Group 13 1
Mobile Game Ideas for September 2021 - MobileAction Blog 15

However, as you can see above, 6 countries that they are getting the most impressions from are nonnative English speakers. Soon, we can start seeing some localized creatives for maximum growth. 

We should keep in mind that the localization of our creatives is an important step of how to promote your app. 

Now, let’s analyze their creative a little bit. It can be claimed that their music choice is on point since they are targeting kids. We also see that they are using a phrase that challenges users: “No one can escape the box. Can you?” 

Well, you may escape the box but the real question is, can you escape their on-point marketing game.

Change and Drop

Best mobile game ideasBest mobile game ideas
Mobile Game Ideas for September 2021 - MobileAction Blog 16

Let’s start by saying the best mobile game ideas are user-friendly ones. No matter how good your idea is, if your game is difficult to play, the possibility of your game making it to Top Charts will be pretty low. And here we have a game that is easy to play and moving up fast on gaming lists.

best mobile game ideasbest mobile game ideas
Mobile Game Ideas for September 2021 - MobileAction Blog 17

Change and Drop has risen 390 places all at once and now is ranking at 110th place for free puzzle games. This is only for the previous month. If you look at its journey from the beginning, you’ll see the real jump.

So what is the reason behind their success, right? You must have seen that their visibility score is not high. When relatively new games start getting downloads at a high rate, this kind of a jump occurs. The biggest factor here is that the game is fun, easy-to-play and as a result addictive. Now let’s take a look at their video creative to see what kind of a game it is.  

As you can see, they are simply showcasing their gameplay presented with peaceful music. This is one of their active creatives. In total, they had 73 creatives yet only 18 of them are active now. What this tells us is that they are A/B testing their creatives to optimize their marketing efforts. 

Their marketing efforts will bring them downloads and the download volume will reward their ASO game. Meaning that we can see their visibility score going up dramatically in the near future. If they increase their App Store Optimization, their marketing efforts will also be rewarded. Because, they will be able to convert more taps into downloads by keyword and product page optimization, which will have more importance with iOS 15

Bingo Clash: Win Real Cash

Group 15 1Group 15 1
Mobile Game Ideas for September 2021 - MobileAction Blog 18

Bingo Clash: Win Real Cash is the last game that we will look into, or should I say look up to? It is a mobile version of the good old Bingo where you match the numbers drawn with the numbers randomly printed on your card. As you know, if you mark all the numbers before everyone else, you win. A simple game of luck.

However, their success is not that simple. They are dominating the Casino Game Category for quite some time. 

Group 16Group 16
Category Ranking of Bingo Clash

As you can see their category rankings aren’t bad at all. Do they owe this success to the features they offer? Definitely. But what about marketing, does it play a role in their success?  Absolutely

Here we have an inactive video creative for Bingo Clash. The ad tells that they can earn real money secured with PayPal. It can be claimed that it is an engaging video creative however, they are not actually showcasing the real game. That is why we have the video creative below.

Here, we can also see that we are winning real money that we can withdraw securely with PayPal. But more importantly, we see the real game. We should always keep in mind that engaging videos are great as long as they are showcasing real gameplay. Otherwise, we will either face users that don’t download our game or unsatisfied users due to misleading creative. 

MobileAction with several tools is here to assist you from finding the best mobile game ideas to marketing. Schedule a demo with our experts now and enjoy the ride to the top!

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