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TikTok Marketing To Fuel Business Growth

After its launch in 2016, TikTok has skyrocketed to become one of the most popular social media apps in the world. Though it may be known as a “fun” app for the younger generations, it’s likely to turn into a diverse social media platform like Facebook or Instagram in the future.

And a lot of brands are noticing, but aren’t sure how to leverage the platform for marketing success. Some brands aren’t sure if it’s relevant to their audience, while others know they have an audience, but don’t know how to use it to their advantage.

We’re here to help. Take a look at this ultimate roadmap to fuel growth with TikTok marketing techniques to get started and become an established TikTok brand.

Why Market On TikTok?

Younger generations are the main audience on TikTok, mostly because of its short-form, authentic content. These generations are becoming immune to traditional advertising, such as radio or television ads, and use ad-blockers on social media. In short, they don’t want to be “sold to” by brands.

As a result, taking a traditional approach to reach these audiences is an exercise in futility. Marketing to them effectively means meeting them where they want to be and embracing an authentic, human approach – which is perfect for TikTok.

Many of these users spend 52 minutes or more on TikTok per day, and they’re heavily swayed by influencers. If an influencer they trust recommends a brand, they’re more likely to consider it.

Basics Of TikTok

TikTok operates like a lot of other social media apps in some ways, but it’s radically different in others. Videos are the heart of TikTok – so much so that the platform is influencing trends on other social media platforms and video marketing.

TikTok videos can be up to one minute long, but most are around 15 seconds. It’s all about creating short, snappy videos that get the message across quickly and succinctly.

If you’re thinking you can just take a valuable snippet from an ad, think again. Your approach needs to be different, but aligned with the type of videos that are popular on TikTok. You can record videos in the app or on a different device and upload them. From there, you can add filters, music, effects, and other features to enhance your content.

Like other social platforms, TikTok users engage with content with views, comments, likes, and shares.

TikTok Marketing Techniques

Choose Smart Hashtags

TikTok uses hashtags to catalog videos and allow the users to search for the content they want. Users find content with the “Discover” search bar at the bottom of the screen, which sorts videos by trending hashtags.

The right hashtags can improve the reach of your content, attract more followers, and clue you in to similar brands and competitors. It’s important to choose them wisely – too generic and you won’t be discoverable, but too niche and you may not have searchers.

Ideally, use hashtags that are relevant to your brand or content in less popular categories. For example, our app helps student drivers learn the ropes of the permit test or driving test. So we might use hashtags like #driversedpractice or #practicedrivingpermittest.

Also, avoid spamming your content with tons of hashtags. Focus on the most valuable and relevant hashtags for your posts to maintain the appeal of your video.

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How To Choose The Right TikTok Hashtags To Go Viral

Stay Current On Trends

Hashtags have more value than making you discoverable – they can help you identify trends on the platform. If you notice trending hashtags, use them as inspiration to create and share videos that relate to them.

Trends come and go quickly. It’s important to pay attention to TikTok trends regularly and stay agile to adapt your content as needed. In addition, if you’re noticing a trend, don’t just make a copy of the same trending content – put your own spin on it.

Encourage Engagement

TikTok relies on user engagement, as does your brand’s presence on the platform. Comments are a great way to boost content and build relationships with your followers. TikTok ranks comments by the likes they receive, so make your comments meaningful and specific.

For your own videos, encourage comments and engagement by asking questions or starting a two-way conversation in the video itself. A little controversy isn’t a bad thing, as long as you approach it carefully. When people comment, be sure to respond as much as possible.

Stay Consistent

TikTok rewards frequent posting, but the relevance and value of your videos are more important than the frequency. Plan your content and stick to a posting schedule that’s realistic with your other responsibilities. It’s better to post less frequent but quality content than to post poor content just to get something on your account.

Use TikTok Features

One of the unique aspects of TikTok is the features available to enhance your videos. You can add music, text overlay, or effects from categories like Trending, Interactive, Beauty, World, and Animal. TikTok also has a green screen effect that allows you to replace your video background with virtually any image you wish.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with these features. You can do a lot to spice up your video with TikTok effects, and you’d be surprised at the difference it can make. If you fail, it’s not the end of the world – just learn and move on to the next video.

Partner With An Influencer

TikTok influencers are incredibly popular for marketing campaigns. Influencers are already successful content creators who have amassed large followings, so you can piggyback on their success and gain more followers from their recommendation.

Not all influencers are created equal, however. Look for influencers in your niche that have loyal, dedicated followers and a lot of trust as an influential figure. It’s also important to choose influencers with a tone that aligns with your brand. The wrong influencer can be detrimental to your campaign.

Once you find a few influencers that you like, reach out to discuss a possible brand partnership. These professionals are creative, so be sure to discuss possible content opportunities and see what works best for them and your brand.

For example, an influencer in the teen space has a lot of trust with teen audiences. If we wanted to promote driver’s education resources, like learning tools and other tests, we might  reach out to an influencer in this space to create challenges to post results or to share a testimonial.

Get Started With TikTok Marketing

TikTok is exploding in popularity, so now is the best time to get on board and see what the app can do for your marketing strategy. Create your account, start sharing content, and see how far your brand can go.

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